“The service that Lisa Horan and PopMark Media provide is top quality. They make it easy for me to ensure that every aspect of my company’s annual corporate video shoot and production runs smoothly. They are always very professional, very helpful, and the end results are always enjoyed by all. But at the end of the day, the best measure of success for me is the inspiring and laudatory feedback from my fellow colleagues. That’s the kind of work that PopMark Media delivers.”
– Jana Von Bramer, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, Prometric

“Lisa is a joy to work with as a producer and writer. She excels at the art of crafting words into a story and is our favorite producer/director to collaborate with in this creative business”
– Scott Stewart, President/Creative Director, Resolution Post

“During my time as President of ITVA-DC (now TIVA-DC), I was privileged to work closely with Lisa Horan. Lisa’s talents were evident with the monthly publication, the yearly production guide, scripts, and multiple marketing materials we published for the organization. By pulling together disparate material into a coherent, concise publication each month, Lisa not only called on her expert organizational skills, but also wrote countless articles and columns, and adeptly edited board members’ quickly-penned and sometimes incoherent ramblings into articulate pieces that enhanced the organization’s value. Lisa gave 110 percent in whatever endeavor she was asked to do – and the organization would not be the same were it not for her hard work and dedication.”
– Mike Sobola, Writer/Producer/Director, FDA Studios

“I want to thank you for the awesome job shooting the videos for our CA Courts client. At one point, I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to shoot ALL three videos in one day, and the fact that we finished right on schedule was very impressive….
Everything went so smoothly – you are an awesome project manager!”

– Paula Finkelstein, Former Sr. Manager, Global Marketing, Prometric

“Thanks so much for the excellent work on the script for the recent fundraising and awards event for our client. As usual, you were right on mark with capturing the essence of the event and creating scripting that reflected the personalities of the presenters. The evening was a huge success. Thank you.”
– Catie O’Keefe, President, O’Keefe Communications

“Lisa was a regular contributor to Government Video while I was editor. She is one of those writers that doesn’t require babysitting. You write up an assignment and she delivers on time – a reliable combination of low maintenance and high quality.”
– Mark J. Pescatore, Ph.D., Vice President, Pipeline Communications

“I recently worked with Lisa Horan and PopMark on a special music project and found them to be truly professional, creative, and responsive. Our time lines were tight and they came through on time with just the right cues. In fact, during the production, we decided to go in a slightly different direction with our sound, and they responded with just the right feel we needed. It has been a great experience working with PopMark!”
– Glenn Scimonelli, Senior Producer/Director, FDA Studios

“I searched and searched for the right person to handle publicity for the screening of my short film at the AFI. I interviewed companies all over the country and even in Canada, and then I met Lisa Horan. She is so personable and experienced and we clicked instantly. We agreed that for this press campaign it was “go big or go home”. I knew Lisa was tough, highly capable and dedicated enough to handle my tenacity. She did an amazing job and impressed me as she hit this one out of the park. We got record high stats and press mentions as well as numerous articles in print as well as an on camera interview, which for a short film is practically unheard of. Oh and did I mention that all this happened with only 3 weeks lead time? From the magnificent press release she wrote to the media coverage she secured we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for this event. Lisa is not only a phenomenal writer, but she is willing to do whatever it takes by putting in grueling hours to get excellent results. After hitting it this hard and working through some tense times I am now proud to call Lisa Horan my friend. Bravo, Lisa, for a job well done!”
– Janine Shore, J9 Management

“As an independent filmmaker working with a tight budget, managing details and making difficult decisions comes with the job. After Lisa Horan took over the marketing of my film, The Photon Effect, it became quite clear that I made one of the best decisions in the entire production. I consider myself a detail oriented person, but I see now that my talents are best left to making movies and letting marketing professionals like Lisa get the word out about them! The web design was exactly what my film’s site needed and there seemed to be no limit to the media assault they waged on my movie’s behalf – the effects of which I am still seeing and will continue to, undoubtedly. Lisa Horan’s title should be, “Four Star Field General” the way she meticulously plans and follows up on each and every aspect of the campaign. She is extremely personable and genuinely interested in what I was working on. Maybe the greatest thing about working with her has been her ability to slow down and explain everything to me if I can’t catch up with all she is handling.”
– Dan Poole, Filmmaker – The Photon Effect

“Lisa, you and the PopMark team have done a great job on the spot development. I mean GREAT! I thank you for your dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. You are some of the coolest people I know. Thanks again!”
– Barry Antonelli, President, Ameri-Dry

“Lisa, the speech was a tremendous success. I received a standing ovation and many compliments from parents, visitors, and dignitaries. Once again, thank you!”
– Dr. Jack Goode, Washington, DC